Continued Prayers please
Please continue praying for Emily and Tom and for their baby ... that everything be WELL. Thank You!
Prayers please
for JEFFREY MENARD who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Surgery is on November 1st. PLEASE PRAY. Thank you!
Prayers please
Please pray for Ava's Dad, MIKE McKENNA who will have prostate cancer surgery; for all the intentions of Stacey. Thank You
Please pray for EMILY and the safety of her baby. Thank You
Please pray for ELIZABETH SHERINE who is seating for her National Exams; for the family of Maseno Cleophas and Joel Bakasa
Monica Farren
Please pray for the eternal Peace and Beatitude of MONICA FARREN -- Sr. Mary Farren's beloved sister. For the family and all her caregivers.
Little Ron
Please pray for Little Ron who succumbed to his illness -- for his family esp. for our dear Sr. Anita. Thank You!
Little Baby
please pray for a tiny baby born prematurely at 5 months, weighing 1.5 lbs. and for her mom; for LOIS and CHARLOTTE. Thank you.
Please pray for FRANCISCO ANTIGUA who will have heart surgery on the 19th and for his family too. Thank You
please PRAY
for LOIS who had a stroke and for all the intentions of Charlotte. Thank you.
continued prayers please
for Sr. Catherine Bender … thank you so much
Please pray
for baby Claire Groarke, a 5-month old baby — please NO lesions in the brain and for Tom, 76 years of age who will have brain surgery (tumor) on Sept. 13th. Please pray and Thank you
for Owen
please pray for OWEN; his well-being and peace of heart and soul. Thanks
Please continue praying for JUN TRINIDAD and his good health; for Lut and their children and grandchildren. Thank You.
Little Ron
Please continue praying for little Ron who suffers from an eye malady; for his parents and all who love him. Thank You!
Please include in your prayers NICOLE, ROBIN and TREVOR -- 3 lovely young people. Thank You.
Please pray
Prayers please for MAURILLO who is very ill with cancer; For Jackie and her family's road to wholeness; For Rosemary, Bernie and Angelique -- Thank You.
Please pray for the continued well-being and health of Maria Socorro, Maria Luisa and SUSAN as they all undergo surgeries. For their total recovery and comfort. Thank You.
Prayers please
for MICKEY and all his challenges; for Our Lady's protection on him; for MARK WENTWORTH and his mother VIRGINIA who is in severe pain. Thank you sooooo much
prayers please for
CLARA and LOU and all the intentions of Charlotte. Thanks