please pray for
SR. CAROL BEAIRSTO who is quite ill. Thank you so much!
please pray for ANNIE
who is very ill with cancer but is full of trust and love and prayer; THANKS
Cancer Patients
Please pray for JIM TRACEY who is very ill with cancer of the throat; for PAUL whose larynx was removed and is dying; for their families esp. Paul's wife, SUZANNE. Thanks so much!
Prayers please for
-- FR. JOHNSON who is having tests for cancer cells. Please, NO cancer -- CRISTOBAL who is attending World Youth Day in Poland: her safety and good companionships -- the 2 eye-surgeries of JEAN MARIE; for her well-being and total recovery. THANK YOU.
Please pray for Sr. Baptista Busmente who had a heart attack and underwent surgery. Please pray for Tips and the Busmente family. Thank You.
Please pray
please pray for GARY and AL, the brothers of Sr. Jane Amirault who are seriously ill. Please pray for the family. THANKS
please pray for
FRANCES JACOBELLIS and for a correct diagnosis; for MARGOT and MICHAEL and all their intentions. THANK YOU
Important Requests Please
Please pray for Michelle (such a wonderful woman) and for her granddaughter's good health. for SUE PIER, LIZ and CLARA. For all their intentions and well-being. Thank You
Total Recovery
Please continue to pray for fulness of health and total recovery for JOE GOVERN. for his family and for Mary Jane. Thank You
Please pray for blessings of PEACE, CONFIDENCE and GOOD HEALTH for Elsie, Cheryl and Kiara and all their loved ones. Thank you.
Urgent Prayers please
For a family of deaf and blind brothers and sisters: one is alcoholic, another has heart problems and for their sister Susan who is trying to help -- a heart-breaking situation. Thank you so much.
Prayers please for Sri Lanka
This is to request your prayers for the people of Sri Lanka who are suffering after 4 days of torrential rains which triggered flooding and landslides. Around 400,000 people have been affected countrywide according to media.About 66 houses were crushed the night before in one village. Please pray.
Prayers please
May AIDA rest in peace in God's mercy and compassion. For her family esp. for Aida's children; for Sr. Pina and their sister, Fe. Salamat pô!
for NED PASCUA, the brother-in-law of Sr M. Christina Sevilla, rgs -- he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For the family. Salamat pô!
Prayers for Peter
Please pray for PETER BERDYCH who has been diagnosed with 4th stage cancer. Please pray also for NANCY, his wife, and who has such deep faith in all our prayers. Thank you so much.
for the safety and well-being of JULIE MARTIN and her successful return to good health. For her children and for the eternal repose of the husband EDDIE who died very recently. Thank You.
for Sr. Catherine Rose Poquette, a contemplative Sister of the Good Shepherd who died very recently. for eternal beatitude. for the consolation of the Sisters in Marlboro who have suffered through several deaths ….
Please pray for DAMIEN and THEA who have both been diagnosed with cancer. For their families and for successful recoveries, let us pray. THANKS
Please pray for
STEFANI, the wife of JOE Duggan, the youngest brother of Sr. Katie Duggan. Stefani suffered blood clots in both her lungs and is in ICU in Scotland. Please pray .... Thank you so much.
Prayers please
for LOIS, Tom's wife, who suffered a severe stroke in Florida. Requested by Sr. Carol Beirsto. Thank you.