Please pray for STANLEY ROICKI who is very ill. For continued blessings on REV JAN JASIN and his parish of ST FRANCIS XAVIER in Newark, NJ. Thank You
Prayer for Healing and Blessings
Please pray for Mary Ellen, a wife and mother living with cancer. Pray for God's healing for her and continued blessing upon her husband and sons.
prayers for little RON
Please pray for little RON, 4-years old, who has to have radiation for cancer treatment.  Also for his family, especially SR. ANITA. THANKS
for JANICE who has just been diagnosed with colon cancer.  For JULIE and all those who love Janice.  THANKS
Prayers please for
KATHY, SHANA who are in real need for prayers.  THANK YOU
please keep SR SUSAN CHIA in your prayers.  may gentle days be hers as she goes home.  THANKS
Please continue praying
for JOE McGOVERN -- for his continued journey to FULL HEALTH.  for his family.  THANKS
Please pray for a dear friend, MARJORY, and the success of her surgery.  Thanks
for JAYA who has a floating tumor behind her heart and a large tumor in her pancreas.  She is 4 years old.  For her family. THANK YOU
Please pray for me
Please ask Mary, Queen of Heaven, to comfort me and help me in my great pain. Mary
little RON
please continue praying for 6-year old Ron.  His surgery for a brain tumor was successful -- now we wait for the biopsy of the tumor.  Please pray that is negative and that he is OK.  Thanks!
Your prayers please for
GERI FINLAY who is ill with diabetes and a wound that would not heal.  for her FRIENDS who are very helpful and good to her.   CAROL JONES who has to deal with some health setbacks..  Thank You!
please pray for the total recovery and continued good health of CAROL JONES.  For her family and all her loved ones.  Thank You.
Delicate Surgery
please pray for RON, a 6-year old child who is having surgery for a brain tumor.  For his family especially for SR. ANITA.  Thank you.
Ask and God will give you what you want...
Please God, listen to our players to help my husband and Myself have good-stable jobs and to help my son follow the right path to succeed in life. Thank you. Blessings.
El Salvador
Please pray for peace and justice in El Salvador especially San Miguel.  for JUDY and DIGNA and all their ministries.  Thank you
prayers please
please PLEASE PLEASE P RAY FOR ME for my health and goodness and kindness and PEACE
Safe trip of our family to Thailand. God bless
Prayer request
Please ask Our Lady to heal my abandonment, my fear and my physical illness. God bless and reward you with His love.Mary
for ANTONIETTA who suffers with foot pain METATARSALGIA and for my dear GABRIELE.  GRAZIE!