Hope for Hailey
Please pray for Hailey Olsen, 6 years old. Middleboro, MA. Today is Day 10 in the hospital. Hailey was diagnosed on 11/29/11 with the rarest, most deadly brain tumor in children called DIPG.
Baby Audrey
Please pray for BABY AUDREY TOBIAS, her parents Shari and Anthony and all who support them.  THANKS
Let us JOIN the WHOLE WORLD in praying with the Syrian people for PEACE.  war, NEVER again!  PEACE to all!
Mary Wessling / West Family
Please pray for Mary Wessling who is undergoing tests. Please pray for the West Family (Tamara).
Please pray for all the intentions of SARITA ALMEIDA.  Thanks.
Andrea, RIP
  Andrea has joined our Creator. Please pray for the eternal repose of her soul and please pray for her family too that they may have the strength to face each day with acceptance and peace.   Thank you,   Aileen
Please Remember
Please remember in your prayers the MARY HART PROGRAM in BOSTON, MA THANK YOU
Please pray
Please pray for Terry, whose four children have cancer of some sort.  Their names are Kim, Terry, Nan and Tony. Please pray for all of them and their families. Please also pray for Cathy Hart who has many physical issues has kidney stones and possibly a tumor on her kidney. She is in a great deal of pain and is very scared.  THANK YOU
Ma. Andrea Kristina Lagmay
  Please pray for the complete healing and full recovery of Ma. Andrea Kristina Lagmay who is now afflicted with a severe strain of the dengue virus. Please pray for her family too, that they may have courage and hope in this very trying time. Thank you, Aileen  
Urgent prayers
Please pray for Edward who has an undiagnosed condition and is in the hospital. He has four young sons. For Bob's daughter who is fourteen months old and has cancer of the uterus. For Paul who has a serious throat condition that he can have a successful skin graft onto to his larynx. For Bill that he will find the surgeon who can help him with a heart condition. For Gabriel that he will get the help he needs to remain sober and for peace for his family. For the Hankey family that they will get good jobs and have good health and healthy relationships
Prayer Intentions
Please pray for Hyacinth and Diederik.  THANK you
Prayers please
Please pray for JONATHAN and all the intentions of ADA RIVERA.  Thank You!
Please pray for the total recovery and healing of STEVEN CORREIA and for his AUNT BETTY'S increased well-being.  THANK YOU
Please continue with Prayer of Thanksgiving for the generosity and great work of Betty and Melinda and all our staff.  THANK YOU
  Please pray for Kristie Allgeyer, a young mother of seven children, (ages 5 – 18) who was just diagnosed with abdominal cancer. She is strong in her faith and would be most grateful for our prayers for her and her family. Kristie’s mother died of cancer when Kristie was in college and she is so afraid of leaving her children.  Thank you.
Ginny Mackey's Intentions:
  Ginny Mackey asks prayers for:   Alex, Ryan, Merlito and Devon.   Peace in Afghanistan and all countries and an end to the opium industry and illegal drug dealing.   Prayers for her daughter, Alexandra who has some problems and has left home and left the Church.   Prayers for herself. She lives alone and has several diseases of nervous system and spine, a large debt and is trying to discern God’s plan in her life.   She is grateful for our prayers and will pray for the congregation.  THANK YOU!    
50th Birthday
Please keep in your prayers a dear friend who is celebrating her 50th birthday!  May she be embraced in the love of all those who love her!
Nancy Malone, who is suffering from cancer, has received news that is not good. Please, please "up" your prayers! Thanks!
Prayer Request
Please pray for the family of Sr. Beth Garciano, especially for her cousin Edgar Dalope, his wife Teresa and their daughter Zynalcynth ... may the God of Peace be their eternal comfort.  Thank you.
Please continue praying
  Thank you sooo much for the prayers for  Neil ---  he is  making progress so there is hope  if we  keep praying I am sure he will make a full recovery.  I have a request from the President of MDS in Quincy to pray for  Mrs. Koch and Simone Koch, the mother and sister of the Mayor of Quincy.   He is very good to MDS and came all the way to Marlboro to  Lorraine's wake.  His mother is quite ill and his sister had surgery and is not doing well. ---- Also, please pray for Gabriel who is an alcoholic and  is at the stage where  he is very aggressive and his family is very frightened of him as he is also  mentally ill and can be violent. there is going to be an intervention tomorrow afternoon so please storm heaven  that no one will be hurt. and that  he will be  placed where  he can be protected and his family kept safe.   Thanks so much