Please pray for Marie White, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer: she is so good to everyone!  For the GATHERING PLACE let us always pray.
prayers for Shelly
Plese pray for Shelly, who has 3 children one of whom is wheelchair bound. She is having a hard time making ends meet,and may lose their home.
PLEASE PRAY FOR STEVE QUATRONA who died last night (40 years old); for the many intentions of DIANE GALLS.  Thanks.
please pray for CYNTHIA who is very ill with cancer and is in much pain; for her husband and children.  THANKS
Prayers please for
SARA GOODWIN and a peaceful death; for ROSE, her daughter
Please pray for EMMJOLEE who's been diagnosed with cancer.  She has 3 small kids.
May she rest in peace
please pray for SR ELBA LAI who died last night and for her family and Sisters
prayers please for
Janice and her son and for all the clients of Sr Elish
prayer for maria graciela
Please pray for Maria Graciela and For JAY who is in rehab
Mr. Johny Elambassery
For a suitable job for me and my father's immediate recovery from illness.
Prayers please
For Walter's surgery; for Gig Olio; for Virginia and her daughter Mary; for Joanie Martin and her family (divorce); for the Campbell family; for Gabriel. Thanks
healing and restoration
Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage and husband.
Friends in need
Please pray for Leanne,Jean,and Steve. All are battling forms of cancer.
in our lives and everywhere, may GOD's peace be with us and deliver us from all ANXIETIES.  Thank You
Please pray for CINDY who is very ill with cancer and is in hospice.  May God's PEACEand HEALING be her comfort.  PLEASE PRAY FOR MIKE TOO
Please pray for
Mary Ann Puopolo, for her son Jude Antonio who died suddenly in an accident.  PEACE to the family
Prayers please for
Mary and Eugene de Sane and for their continued good health and safety.  THANKS
special Intention
please pray for my request to be answered in a yes. Go my child, and bear much fruit. THANKS
Urgent Prayers please
for JANA who bears seemingly oppressive darkness.  For healing and consolation.  Thank You
Prayers please for
all the intentions of Sr. Jane A.  With many thanks