More intentions
Please pray for JOAN LYNCH, DIANE GALLS and for the FASHION SHOW at Maria Droste Services Quincy.  Thank You
Elizabeth Seton Academy
Please keep in your prayers ELIZABETH  SETON ACADEMY and all the intentions of KAREN.  Thank you
Prayers please for
Maureen Cofilice and her complete healing; Erin Garrity and her well-being especially in school.  Thanks/
Please pray for Sr. Madge's brother, MATIAS OLIVA JR. and the family.  Thank you.
Prayers please for
Elaina and son Michael; June and son Brian; Anne.  THANKS
Generational Healing
generational healing for all my children and relatives and myself as God's will embraces my family
All Saints' Church
Please pray for all the children of ALL SAINTS' CHURCH.  Thank You.
Please pray for:
Joan Lynch - cancer; Joanie Martin and family; Janice and Nello.  Thanks so much
Spiritual graces
for the intentions of Mr. Xavier.  Thank You.
Prayer Request For Alvin Uy
Please pray for ALVIN UY's good health and total recovery. Thank You.
for the well being and health of our families, good jobs and good relationships in our parish communities. Thank You
please pray for JM for healing of anger Management and to forgive himself & the Family. Also to help the wife.
Please pray for Joan who has cancer and for an important meeting tomorrow, Thursday.  Thanks!
Pray for Lovey
Please pray for Stephanie "Lovey" Uftring who begins her struggle today with cancer. She will beat this. Please pray for her and her entire family.
A Prayer for My Daughter
Please pray for my daughter to recover from her illness. May God give us strength to help her and to accept her condition . Thank you lots. Antoinette & Family
William J. T. (A suffering soul)
Please pray for my son, William J.T. He has suffered his whole life physically, emotionally, etc. PLEASE pray for him for peace, healing and that God would send some kind souls into his life.
Please pray
Please pray for the enlightenment of these people: Job and Fritzie. Thank you,
Please pray for eternal peace and light on Mary, Sr. Jane's sister and for the family.  Thank you.
Bar Exams
Please pray for COLEEN and SARA during their bar exams; for RITA's intentions, let us pray as well.  THANKS
please pray for the core team of the INTERCESSORS OF THE TRINITY; for all their intentions and their ministry.  Thank you