Please pray for Paul Ramsdell Barrington as he battles the courageous battle before him and his entire family.
Prayers please
Please pray for BARBARA and her good health, for Mackenzie, Brett and Hilary.  Thank you.
please pray for all the intentions of JANA DURIACOVA.  Thank you.
urgent prayers please for SOPHIA.  Thanks
Urgent Prayers Please
for a staff member from Quincy Services whose house may be foreclosed and she is undergoing divorce.  Thanks.
Please Pray
for the fulness of HEALTH and full recovery from surgery of GINGER MULLIGAN.  Thank You!
For eternal peace and God's eternal vision for EMILIE. For her loved ones, family and sisters, especially MARIE GODIN.
Healing and a miracle
Please pray for the healing and conversion of a young man named Patrick who has been struggling with mental illness and addiction. He just recently begun the long road to recovery. Please pray that God would guide his doctors and treatment.
Prayers please
for LARISSE who is very depressed and her young children; for Kenny and wife and children as they undergo a bitter divorce.  
for Emily Bourassa at the hour of death. For PEACE and consolation especially for her sister Marie Godin. Thanks.
For the well being of Karol and her husband, Mike
Continued prayers for RODRIGO. for Weng and family. Thanks!
Please pray
For the safe and full recovery of BENDITTE HERNANDEZ. Aneurysm. Thanks
Prayers please please
for RICHARD DANYLIEKO who is very, very ill.  For comfort and PEACE during the last days of his illness.  Thank You
Please pray
for the FULL RECOVERY of Sisters Antoinette Go, Joanne McGovern and Katie Duggan.  For God's tender mercy over and around them.  THANK YOU
please pray for the safety of SISTERS JUDY MANNIX and MA. DIGNA RIVAS.  For the success of their missionary endeavors.  Thank You.
please pray
for the intentions of SARITA ALMEIDA and JOSEPH BRAGANZA.  Thank You.
Continued Prayers please
for the humanitarian and painful crisis of Christians persecuted in many places including the Middle East.  Thank you.
Prayers please
for DR LAWRENCE MARINI: for continued confidence in his ffull recovery.  for his staff.  THANKS
Prayers please
Please pray for Sisters MIRIAM AND JOANNE and for their total recovery to full health. Thank You.